Six Simple and Fun At-Home Activities

We at Baden Sports are firmly committed to the idea that play is essential for individuals of all ages, and we can give everyone the means to engage in it.
With COVID-19’s effects, we continue to believe that play should be a priority in your daily lives.
In these circumstances, it may be challenging to establish any sort of “habit,” but don’t forget to set aside time for play, make it your own, have fun, and don’t be embarrassed to get sweaty.
Check out these eight enjoyable drills that just need a few household items and a ball, in our opinion.

1- sets of volleyball

Set the ball straight up in the air to yourself while standing with your feet shoulder-width apart in the passing stance.
Don’t let the ball touch the ground while you continue to set it off your fingertips!
Count how many consecutive passes you can complete before the ball lands on the ground or your arms fatigue.

Try to keep your feet still while you work on keeping control of the pass.
When you master it, you can attempt swaying from side to side as you launch the ball into the air.

2- Wall Ball

Start by locating a strong wall with an approximately uniform face. For instance, the concrete wall at the adjoining school is very effective.
Strike or throw the ball at the wall in front of you while keeping your distance from it. Be ready to pass the ball back to the wall as soon as it comes back. This will improve hand-eye coordination, precision, and striking. In search of a challenge? Use your opposing foot, your weaker hand, or try to spin the ball before it comes back to you. This exercise focuses on initial touches, accuracy, and anticipating passes from teammates coming from all angles. It practices how to control the ball regardless of where it comes from because it is unpredictable where it will hit off the wall.

3 – Figure 8’s

Standing with your feet shoulder-width apart, slowly form a figure-8 with the ball by weaving it in and out of your legs. Do a chest pass into a concrete wall after each full circle, then immediately enter another figure eight after catching the ball. Keep going till you can accelerate!


This exercise improves rapid passing off the move and hand-eye coordination.

4- A ten-yard drill for dribbling

Find 5 “cones” that are big enough to be seen easily from your home or from the yard.
Place your selections in a straight line, 2 feet apart. Starting at one end of the line, weave your way around the cones by making little taps with the inside of your foot until you reach the other end.
all the while moving with the same foot. While continuing to dribble, circle the final cone and then use the other foot to weave your way back between the remaining cones until you reach the finish line once more. This easy exercise emphasizes ball control. You’ll quickly be able to move through defenders with ease if you slow down and take your time with each touch.

5- Toss the Can

Five feet in front of you, place a can or bottle upright.
Choose a starting location that is five feet from the ball, then strike the ball to try to topple the can.
When you successfully tip an object over, keep doing it while relocating farther and farther away to make it harder.


With this exercise, we’re focusing on passing accuracy so that you can pass to your teammate down the field with more assurance when you’re playing.

6-The Runaway!

Cardiovascular health is crucial, whether you’re on the sidewalk, grass, or community court.
Pick your preferred ball type for this exercise, and set up the playing area accordingly. Start at one end of the field if you’re playing on grass, then dribble the ball as swiftly as you can to the other end and back.
If you’re on a basketball court, dribble while you run as quickly as you can.

Concentrate on breathing in fresh air and increasing your heart rate!
You can control the ball better by making quick movements with it.
When dribbling a basketball or kicking a soccer ball down field, try to maintain a controlled and consistent pace.

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